Tweakker App Aims to Eliminate Global Network Issues

Tweakker has unveiled a newly-patented app that instantly configures new smartphones to the relevant network in a given region.

The company says that creating devices for different networks across the world adds an extra manufacturing cost that is currently passed on to consumers. Around 40 per cent of device issues after the handset has been bought are down to network configuration, Tweakker says.

The companys APN (Access Point Name) configuration technology works with 1,500 operators worldwide, providing for more than 4,000 unique network settings. If the app was pre-loaded onto any handset worldwide, this issue would ‘quite conceivably cease to exist’.

The app has been tested with 1m Android users so far, with a consumer-facing app already on the market, but the company says the solution also works for iPhones.

The technology has now been granted a worldwide patent.