Tweakker Offers Internet Connectivity App

Internet connectivity company Tweakker has announced a new app that promises to solve mobile internet connectivity problems. 

The companys All operator APNs | Beta app, once downloaded to a handset, will automatically optimise the handsets internet connectivity settings based on the customers service provider and subscription plan. The company says the app has access to a database of over 700 internet settings that can be applied to the phone. 

“Tweakkers fundamental role in the mobile space is to simplify the process of getting mobile users online and fully enjoying their devices in the shortest timeframe,” says Dennis Juul Poulsen, Tweakkers business director. “Every minute counts in the mobile space and this Android app provides mobile users all the functionality of their new phones within one minute.”

The app is initially available as a beta for “a couple of weeks”. The company will then act on user feedback and release the full version on the Android Market. 

The company says the app has particular use in developing markets, where telecoms systems arent sophisticated enough to push settings to a handset automatically.