Tweakker Puts Mobile Rights To The Vote

Mobile internet connectivity firm Tweakker is asking mobile users to vote on a proposed set of Mobile Rights. The company says it has launched the initiative because mobile phone is “the new Wild West”, with no fixed rules, and service levels for mobile users differing from one network operator to another, with some not even providing a customer care service.

Tweakker is asking mobile users to vote on whether they should have …

  1. Freedom to change mobile phone and provider at any time
  2. Freedom from long subscription contracts
  3. Freedom from difficult-to-understand subscription plans
  4. Freedom to enjoy unlimited access to a free mobile support toolbox of technologies
  5. Freedom from mobile customer care that involves calling rip-off “premium numbers” or waiting in call-centre queues
  6. Freedom to be treated equally, irrespective of origin or language
  7. Freedom to browse the mobile internet without connectivity issues.
  8. Freedom to choose the right kind of intelligent support to enjoy their phones and all their features
  9. Freedom to easily access a free social mobile support platform where they can chat and help each other
  10. Above all, freedom to enjoy being mobile

Mobile users can complete the survey here. The results of the poll will be published in December.

“It’s time to bring sanity to the mobile world,” says Dennis JuulPoulsen, Tweakker’s business director. “The growing number of low-cost smartphones coming onto the market without IDs [IMEI numbers] and support makes it imperative that mobile users the world over now have a set of Mobile Rights that network operators and device manufacturers can buy into.”