Tweetsport Launches Live Sports News Feed App

Tweetsport has launched its Twitter-based sports news feed iPhone app and website of the same name. It offers sports fans “360-degree, real-time sports news coverage”.

Using verified Twitter accounts, which offer unrivalled access to the instant reactions of top players and leading pundits, Tweetsport channels the viewpoints of managers, players, press, winners, losers, before, after and even during the match across a wide range of sports.

Tweetsport is the sports lover’s free ticket to every sporting event,” says founder and sports fanatic Eilidh Donaldson. “This gets them closer to the heart of the action than anything else. With Tweetsport, they can really feel part of it – experiencing the tension as it builds; getting inside the players heads as they prepare for the final or deal with defeat; getting analysis and commentary by experts in their field; and breaking news which could change the result.

The website and app allow fans to get dynamic updates for all sports at once. Sports covered include football, motorsport, tennis, golf, rugby, Olympics, cricket, athletics, cycling, horse racing and swimming.