Twitch unveils new marketing campaign for year-end recap

Streaming platform Twitch has launched a new game and marketing campaign, ‘The Twitch Recap Game’ in a bid to engage with its community.

The game, which features a playful twist on the term G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time) celebrates the communities that gather on Twitch and features some memorable clips from the social media platform throughout the year.

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Alongside the launch of the Twitch Recap Game, it also launched a comprehensive marketing campaign, which includes influencer marketing, social media activations and in-stream chat opportunities.

Twitch CMO Rachel Delphin said: “Twitch Recap is our annual retrospective look at the year. It’s a personalised journey for every member of our community, whether they’re streamers, moderators, viewers, or even lurkers. It’s about reflecting, celebrating, and recognising everyone who makes our community what it is.”

“With so many vibrant communities across the globe coming together on Twitch, it’s important that we create moments for different communities to come together – through annual traditions such as Twitch Recap– to celebrate their contribution through the year.”

The news comes as both TikTok and Pinterest also launched their yearly looks at the trends to come in the next year.