Twitter: 94 Per Cent of Our UK users engage with mCommerce

Twitter ads researchTwitter has used its partnership with Nielsen to analyse the mCommerce behaviour of the 80 per cent of its users that tweet from a mobile device.

94 per cent of Twitter users engage with mCommerce, according to the Path to Puchase report. These users engage in 40 per cent more shopping sessions on mobile than non-users and spend 31 per cent more time shopping. Users that follow brands are even more likely to shop, engaging in 23 per cent more retail sessions than non-brand followers, spending 17 per cent more time hitting the shops.

Using the Nielsen software, which participants have installed on their device to help the organisation with its research, Twitter was able to identify that one in three people who shop on their mobiles also use Twitter in the same session. Twitter says: “Each of these moments represent an opportunity for retailers and brands to reach out to prospective customers and influence them. And Twitter does drive consumer decisions.”

79 per cent of people who follow brands said they do so specifically for special offers, but two in three just like to keep up-to-date. 56 per cent of Twitter mobile users said they were influenced by content on Twitter when buying a product or service. A third said Twitter content has directly contributed to a purchase made on mobile.