Twitter and Google Reach Deal to Add Tweets to Search Results

Twitter carouselTwitter has reached an agreement with Google to make its users updates more easily searchable, with tweets reappearing in Googles search results within the first half of this year after a four year absence.

The deal, reported by Bloomberg, is a result of Twitter giving Google access to its firehouse, the stream of data that is generated by the social networks 284m users. Previously, Google had to crawl Twitter for the information in the same manner it does many other sites, but the volume of information made this process difficult and costly.

The deal is the latest in a number of actions Twitter has taken to get its user-generated content in front of more eyeballs, such as adding its promoted tweets onto syndicated streams on other websites.

Engineers from both companies are already at work on the infrastructure required, although the deal hasnt been made public. The company had a similar arrangement in place between 2009 and 2011, but Ali Rowghani, former COO of Twitter, had been against renewing the deal in order to retain control over Twitters content.

“The Twitter-Google tie-up delivers for everyone,” said Joy Armitage, social media and innovation director at Dunnhumby. “It broadens Twitters reach, strengthens Googles real-time search arsenal and will dramatically drive up reach and engagement of advertisers Twitter content, by opening up opportunities in paid and organic search.

“Crucially, the partnership puts customers and their comments, opinions and recommendations at the heart, giving them more of a peer to peer view of products, services, news and events. Social search is something that weve been talking about for a long time, and pulling Tweets into search – which is a huge channel for word of mouth – can only be good for all involved.”