Twitter trials automatic translations of different languages

Twitter has begun testing automatic translations of tweets sent in other languages, expanding on its current built-in translation feature, which enables users to have tweets translated into their own language with a tap of the ‘translate tweet’ button.

The updated feature would, if you have your primary language set to English, for example, automatically display tweets translated into English without having to manually press a button.  

Twitter has begun the trial for a limited number of users in Brazil. Here, some people will see different languages translated into Brazilian Portuguese and be given the option to return to the original languages with the tap of a button, while the others will see the translation and the original text displayed at the same time. All translated tweets will be labelled as ‘Translated from [insert language] by Google’ or ‘Translated from [insert language] by Microsoft’.

The limited group of Twitter users on iOS and Android are now seeing tweets in different languages with automatic translations by default. Twitter will review the performance of the test and consider expanding availability of the feature to more users in Brazil and to users in other countries.