Twitter Brings Together SMS Sign-in, MoPub and Crashlytics in Fabric SDK

Twitter-Bird-Logo-IRL carouselTwitter has launched Fabric, a modular SDK made up of three kits, one each from MoPub, Crashlytics, and Twitter itself.

Twitter Kit
Fabric includes native tweet embeds, which make it possible to render tweets in a third-party app, while maintaining its theme, with a few lines of code.

Theres also a tweet composer which makes it easier for users to share in-app moments – a high score, for example, or a song – directly with their followers, and an updated Twitter sign-in process, which is intended to make it easier to incorporate Twitter profiles into apps so users can share content, and enables apps to ask users for permission to share their email address.

The most interesting addition is Digits, which makes it possible for users to register and log in to an app with a phone number rather than a password. Users can enter their number and receive a confirmation code via SMS. This log-in is entirely separate from a Twitter account, and is being offered to developers on a white label basis.

MobPub and Crashlytics Kits
Twitter has also packaged services from two of its most high-profile acquisitions into Fabric: the app monetisation platform MoPub, which it acquired in September 2013, and app stability tools from Crashlytics, bought in January last year.

There doesnt appear to be any new functionality in the MoPub kit – advertisers can buy banners, interstitials, video and native ads via an exchange, and use native location control to pick how often and where ads appear in the apps content stream – but by integrating it into Fabric, Twitter is presumably trying to push the platform to a host of new app developers.

As well as Crashlytics tools for detecting and fixing bugs more quickly, Fabric includes its Answers app analytics and a Beta service for pre-launch user feedback on apps.