Twitter Creates Audience Tools for App Adverts

  • Wednesday, December 10th, 2014
  • Author: Tim Maytom
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twitter adsTwitter has unveiled a new set of audience tailoring tools for mobile apps advertising on the social network, enabling advertisers to create targetable audience segments based on mobile app actions such as an install, purchase or sign-up.

The new tools are aimed at driving ROI for app install and app engagement campaigns, allowing ad buyers to ensure they are not displaying to users who have already installed apps, or using look-alike targeting to reach high-value users similar to those who already have an app installed.

For app engagement campaigns, the tools can be used to connect users at specific stages, such as those who have installed an app but not yet signed up or made a purchase.

The mobile app tools can be combined with other tailored audience functionality offered by the social networks ad platform for user acquisition and retargeting campaigns, with real-time updating ensuring maximum efficiency.

“Were strong believers in remarketing to our mobile users and are excited to use tailored audiences from mobile apps to encourage our users to sign up, engage, and redeem rebates using the Ibotta app,” said Rich Donahue, vice president of marketing at Ibotta, which was among the brands to test the feature.