Twitter Driving Mobile Web Use, says Novarra

Micro-blogging sites such as Twitter are introducing new consumers to the mobile web, and significant usage. So says Novarra. The company says that mobile page views of and shortened URL services regularly used in tweets, have grown by 1068% to date in 2009.
The growth supports the findings of Novarras latest (October 2009) Mobile Internet Experience Update, which notes that page views of Twitter grew 3500% in the first half of 2009. Tiny URLs and links are often used to share online content via Twitter and other micro-blogging services because the shortened web links fit easily into 140 character SMS messages. The surge in their use, says Novarra, shows that links shared in micro-blogs are becoming an increasingly important driver of Internet use via mobile and a catalyst for bringing new mobile users online.
Novarras data indicates that neither or were in the top 1,000 sites accessed on the mobile at the start of 2009, but the tenfold growth this year has seen them skyrocket in the rankings. UK mobile users lead the way, with now ranking in the top 200 sites accessed last month.
The growth in mobile traffic to sites that shorten URLs demonstrates that Twitter is a great viral tool for exposing consumers to new and interesting content, says Novarra Vice President of Marketing, Randy Cavaiani. Much of the content shared this way is from long tail sites that are personally relevant and important to consumers and their circle of friends.
The figures are based on Novarras global network of Vision mobile browser and mobile internet platform deployments with operators and service providers. Novarras mobile Internet service reaches two out of three mobile phone users in the US and 1 billion mobile users globally.