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Twitter rolls out in-stream video ads to brands, taking pop at YouTube in the process

Tyrone Stewart

TwitterTwitter has introduced in-stream video ads, meaning brands can run pre-roll and mid-roll ads to align with videos from Amplify partners.

With the introduction of the ad format, brands will be able to run ads during videos from ‘top TV networks, major sports leagues, major publishing houses and magazines, and professional new outlets’.

The social network says it will reveal more about the ad format, its content partner and long-term plans at the Digital Content NewFronts in New York on 1 May.

“Twitter is home to brand-safe video from hundreds of the world’s top publishers,” said Mo Al Adham, senior product manager of revenue at Twitter, in a blog post announcing in-stream video ads. The statement, an obvious swipe at Google and YouTube regarding recent brand safety issues.

Twitter claims that, according to 406 Nielsen Brand Effect studies, those who saw video ads on the platform were 50 per cent more likely to be aware of an advertiser’s brand – while 14 per cent felt more favourable about a brand, and 18 per cent higher purchase intent – versus people not exposed to video ads.

“People come to Twitter in a discovery mindset, making them more attentive, responsive, and trusting of the video ad content they see on Twitter in comparison to competing platforms,” Al Adham claimed.