Twitter Introduces New Analytics with Brand Hub

brand hubTwitter has continued to reach out to brands in the hope of encouraging more use of its advertising platform, introducing a new suite of analytics called the Brand Hub which offers firms a centralised place to gain insights on how their brands are perceived online.

Central to the proposition is TrueVoice, a new metric only available within the Brand Hub which helps advertisers track their share of conversations in comparison to their competitors in real time.

The Brand Hub also promises high-level insights into audience, with key demographic details on who is discussing any given brand, derived using data from Twitter and its official partners, as well as conversation details including brand loyalty and purchase intent.

“I could see this information better informing our clients content and media strategies, especially during key competitive periods,” said Christine Hickey, media director at Performics, which was among the marketing agencies involved in the beta test of the new technology.

“It provides agencies direct insight into competitive activity and brand conversations, which allows us to recommend real-time shifts in content and media strategies and ultimately, drive better results.”

Twitter hasnt revealed its exact rollout plans for the Brand Hub, but it will initially be made available to large and medium advertisers in English-speaking countries.