Twitter Introduces Partner Audiences for Advertisers

twitter partner audiencesTwitter has introduced a new feature for advertisers using the social network to promote brands – Partner Audiences – which enables marketers to target ads at users who have shown signals of intent off of Twitter.

Partner Audiences will enable marketers to target users who have previously bought or browsed similar products, with certain household incomes or using other demographic or behavioural indicators.

The social network has teamed with Acxiom and Datalogix to create over 1,000 partner audiences that brands and marketers can pick from, which have been integrated directly into the Twitter Ads UI.

The feature has been tested during pilot schemes with a number of brands including Nestle, who promoted its Butterfinger Cup Minis to Twitter users who frequently purchased peanut butter candy at various stores, and saw a 52 per cent life in engagement compared to a similar campaign in 2014.

“Utilising partner audiences allowed us to take our targeting to the next level, reaching precisely the right audience at the right time,” said Birgitta Westphal, digital marketing strategist for Nestle USA. “We cant be more pleased with the results.”

Twitter users will be able to opt out of partner audiences targeting within their privacy settings, unchecking a box that states “Tailor ads based on information shared by ad partners”.