Twitter's MoPub launches mobile app header bidding solution

Tyrone Stewart

MoPub Advanced BiddingMoPub, a Twitter-owned mobile app monetisation solutions provider, has introduced its answer to header bidding for mobile app.

MoPub Advanced Bidding will enable ad networks to bid alongside DSPs in real-time for the same impression, replacing the process of waterfalling. The solution has launched in closed-alpha with select publishers.

The process starts with the publisher sending an ad request to the MoPub platform, the Advanced Bidding solution then runs a unified auction amongst network bidders and DSPs. The highest bidder, once picked, sends the ad content in real-time to the publisher, before the network bidder’s SDK is used to render the ad.

 “Just as it’s important to have the right technology and platform to make this a reality, active participation from all parties of the ecosystem — publishers and networks — is also crucial,” said Boris Logvinskiy, head of product management at MoPub, in a blog post. “We are working with a leading network, and expect to add more in the coming months, to bid in real-time on the MoPub platform via Advanced Bidding, alongside the 180+ DSPs on the MoPub Marketplace; delivering unprecedented value to both publishers and buyers.”