Twitter Promises More Transparency in its Fight Against Abuse

Tyrone Stewart

twitter abuseTwitter will be taking a more transparent approach to how it handles abuse on the microblogging platform, the company’s co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey announced in a Tweet.

Dorsey’s statement was in response to his VP of engineering, Ed Ho, who admitted that Twitter did not move fast enough to combat abuse last year and that it was the ‘primary focus’ of the team to make the platform a safer place.

In a bid to fight abuse more effectively, Ho revealed that Twitter would be rolling out product changes in the upcoming days – some of which will be visible and some less so. He said: “We’ll listen, learn and keep shipping until we’ve made some significant impact that people can feel.”

Details of the changes that Twitter plans on implementing are vague at best, for the time being. Two changes that are due this week are the fixing of mute and block options, and how Twitter stops repeat offenders from creating new accounts.

The social network has been working hard to combat its abuse problem, already making several changes back in November last year. The changes introduced on that occasion included the ability to report abuse directed at others, an expansion of the ‘mute’ function and the retraining of support teams.