Twitter is suspending over 1m accounts each day in fake news crackdown

Tyrone Stewart

Twitter tabletTwitter suspended over 70m accounts in May and June, banning more than 1m fake and suspicious accounts each day on average across the months, according to The Washington Post.

The data, which was provided to the Post by someone with access to Twitter’s ‘Firehose’ products, shows that the rate of suspensions had more than doubled since October.

Twitter has been ramping up efforts in dealing with bots over the last 12 or so months since it was revealed that Russia had been using its platform to interfere in elections and the extent of said influence was revealed.

The numbers come almost two weeks after Twitter revealed the additional steps it has been taking to remove malicious automated accounts from its platform. The microblogging site has made it more difficult for automated accounts to created, while auditing existing accounts. As part of the announcement, Twitter said it had identified and challenged more than 9.9m automated accounts in May via its machine learning tools.

In upping its fight against fake accounts, it’s believed that Twitter may have seen a decline in monthly users during the second quarter of the year – which came to end a week ago. Although, we will have to wait until 27 July to know if this is the case.