Twitter tightens third-party app requirements, with over 140,000 booted this quarter

Twitter is continuing its efforts to clean up its platform, with its latest improvements focused on purging low quality third-party apps from the service that may be responsible for spam postings. Over the last quarter, the firm has suspended over 143,000 developer apps that have violated its policies in various ways.

According to Twitter, a similar number were also purged from the social network in Q1, with the apps responsible for “more than 130m low-quality, spammy Tweets”. While thats just a small percentage of the total volume of messages posted via the platform during that period, it still represents an impressive attempt at improving the quality of conversation on Twitter.

In addition to purging low quality apps, Twitter is making its app toolkit application process more stringent. As of today, every developer who wants to use the companys app toolkit will have to go through a process that verifies both use cases and the creators adherence to Twitters policies. While this application process has been available since November, it has been voluntary rather than mandatory.

Twitter is also instituting lower default app-level rates in September. App-based accounts wont be able to tweet more than 300 times every three hours, like or follow more than 1,000 times a day, or send more than 15,000 direct messages a day. By making these changes, and enforcing the 10-app limit for developers, Twitter is hoping to keep its ecosystem cleaner and more spam-free.