Twitter to Create Third-party Ad Network

Advertisers will be able to buy third-party mobile inventory from Twitter, which will use data about its users to target placements, according to the FT.

The social platform will use information about who its users follow and what they tweet about to target placements across different sites. Using the tech it picked up from the buyout of MoPub, Twitter should be able to offer targeted ads across the mobile web and apps. In H1, Twitter made 65 per cent of its ad revenue from mobile.

Facebook told Mobile Marketing last month that it has re-opened testing of its third-party ad platform, with the aim of increasing the relevancy of these ads, but it couldn’t give any more detail. Google’s Admob and Millennial Media, who are both established in this space, will be keenly watching these developments.

Updates to Twitter Ads

Advertisers on Twitter will also be able to schedule promoted and organic tweets from today, so ad planners no longer need to be on call 24/7 and campaigns can be planned in advance. Tweets can be scheduled up to a year in advance, in time increments of one minute.

These campaigns will be managed under a new Creatives tab, along with Twitter Cards, where additional information is automatically added under a tweet about your content.