Twitter to Live Stream Democratic and Republican Conventions

republican conventionTwitter has announced it plans to live stream coverage of the Republican and Democratic National conventions this year, through a partnership with CBS News. The conventions will be the first non-sporting events to be live streamed on Twitter.

The stream will include coverage from CBSN, CBS News 24-hour digital streaming news service, and the stream will be live and accessible on Twitter each day of the conventions from start to finish. The Republican National Convention begins next week in Cleveland, Ohio, followed by the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the following week.

Twitter will not be selling ads for the live stream, but will be showing commercials from the CBS feed. Twitter is reportedly in discussion with the network to sell ads on Twitter inventory, but a deal has yet to be reached.

“Twitter is the fastest way to find out whats happening in politics and to have a discussion about it,” said Anthony Noto, chief financial officer at Twitter. “By bringing the live discussion of the Republican and Democratic national conventions together with CBSNs live video stream of the proceedings, we believe were giving people around the world the best way to experience democracy in action.”

CBS has partnered with Twitter before for politics-related coverage. During the November and February debates that took place as part of the Democratic and Republican primary elections, the channel worked with Twitter to generate questions based off real-time tweets from those watching live.

In the build-up to the conventions, were exploring how digital and mobile marketing are affecting the 2016 Presidential campaigns and the tools they use to communicate with voters. You can find our first feature, which looks back at the 2012 election, here.

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