Twitter Turns Off the Buy Button as Commerce Team is Shuttered

twitter-buy-button.jpgTwitter has reportedly stopped development on its buy button and product pages to shift its focus to other offerings.

According to BuzzFeed News, the social firms Commerce team which worked on these products has been disbanded. Most of the two dozen staff on the team have left the company, and the rest have been moved to work on either dynamic product ads or customer service.

While Twitter continues to offer a buy now option as one of its card formats in the US, but no further work is being done on this product.

The fate of the Commerce team – founded under former CEO Dick Costolo – is reportedly one example of a broader policy at Twitter. Non-core businesses are being closed down as part of current CEO Jack Dorseys attempt to turn things round after a difficult period for Twitter which saw its user numbers temporarily dip in Q4 2015. BuzzFeed cites one source saying: “The innovative, experimental ‘could, should, might happen in a year or two years’ stuff is completely shut down at Twitter.”

Twitter is instead doubling down its efforts on its dynamic product ads, served based on users browsing activity, which have proven to be a success for the company.