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Twitter is experimenting with an in-app tweetstorm feature

Tyrone Stewart

TwitterTwitter is reportedly testing a feature that would enable users to create an entire thread of Tweets to be posted all at once when 140 characters simply isn’t enough.

A string of rambling tweets is commonly known as a ‘tweetstorm'. Currently, users can put together their own storm by tweeting and then replying to the tweet, and continuing to reply to each tweet in succession.

Screenshots of the hidden feature were shared with The Next Web’s Matt Navarra by Twitter user Devesh Logendran. The feature appears to automatically split text up into individual 140-character tweets that conclude in a tweet count, so people know where they are on the thread.

An introduction of the feature to all Twitter users is a way for the microblogging site to get rid of its 140-character limit without ever actually getting rid of it. The character limit can sometimes frustrate users, but it’s what makes Twitter what it is and this would be a good middle ground.