Twitter users can now get a sneak peak of people's profiles

Alyssa Clementi

Twitter is testing a new overlay profile preview feature that will allow iOS users to get a sneak peak of a person’s profile by clicking on their handle. A mini-profile will pop up with information such as a person’s picture, followers, bio, and a button to be redirected to the full profile. The profile preview is available on Twitter’s home page as well as conversation threads throughout the app.

According to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, the company has been working on a solution to the chaos of following a complex Twitter thread. Usually, when a user wants more information about the accounts they are interacting with, they will have to leave the thread entirely and lose thier place or page.  Twitter’s new feature will allow users to see who is replying to them or showing up on their feed without disrupting their current action.

The feature will also make it easier to follow or mute unknown accounts that pop up on a user’s Twitter homepage or in a conversation thread. Twitter is promoting the update as a safety feature and is encouraging users to check profiles of unfamiliar people who may actually be bot or scam accounts. The company has also announced plans to make the test available on Android devices as well.

“We want you to know who is behind the accounts that appear on your timeline. With this experiment, we’re working to make it easier to learn who is behind an account,” stated Twitter Safety.