Twitter’s Latest Ad Unit – Promoted Follow

Kirsty Styles

Twitter in-feed followSpeculation has been rumbling about when and in what form new ad opportunities will be arriving from Twitter – including the much-anticipated, depending on if you work in advertsing or not, in-feed app downloads.

But the latest to drop into my desktop feed is the Promoted Follow. The ad appears in-feed underneath a tweet from an already-promoted account, placing a follow button within click's reach if the content takes your fancy.

This might be a good way to make account discovery more easy, beyond suggested and promoted accounts on the left hand side, as long as your interests are well-matched with those seeking your follow. Or it may just as likely suffer from in-feed ad blindness, as I'm sure many promoted tweets already do.

As someone who's maxed out the number of people I can follow, this is just a reminder of the constant need to cull.