Twitter's MoPub launches inventory packages

Alex Spencer

Twitter-owned ad platform MoPub has launched inventory packages, a targeting solution for its demand partners.

These packages are collections of inventory with shared characteristics like type, context and performance data. There are eight packages at launch, including high video completion rate and new ad units. The lists are dynamic, and refreshed every 24 hours.

The launch is intended to provide an easier way to segment and target inventory from the 49,000-plus apps MoPub works with, as well as helping buyers find and bid on new inventory which they may not have otherwise discovered.

"As effective targeting is critical to any digital campaign, our goal is to provide our partners with meaningful data that allows them to better reach their mobile audience," said Emel Mutlu, Twitter's director of product marketing, brand, video and exchange. "Our inventory packages solution is just one in a series of investments we’re planning to make as we double down on more data solutions for our demand partners. Over the next year, you’ll see us invest more heavily in this area, from added signals in the bid stream, to private marketplace offerings and third-party partnerships."