Two New Device Detection Products from, provider of device detection, web optimisation and mobile analytics solutions, has launched two new device detection databases. Both products, Lite Data and Premium Data, contain information on a range of mobile devices, operating systems and browser configurations, to maximise performance on a range of mobiles.

The Lite and Premium Data files contain the latest mobile phone types, operating systems and browser Lite Data is a free, entry-level device file, licensed under the Mozilla Public Licence. Premium Data is updated weekly and provides a richer set of parameters including physical screen size, input type and recommended button sizes.

James Rosewell, founder and CEO, says: “With smartphone penetration in western Europe and North America already at around 40 per cent and the mobile-only internet population expected to grow from 14 million in 2010 to over 780 million by the end of 2015, ensuring a quality mobile experience every time is becoming vitally important to businesses. Developers need to understand a customer’s specific device characteristics in order to tailor and optimise their online experiences.”