Two Thirds Dont Know What QR is For

Two thirds of UK consumers dont know what a QR code is for, according to a recent online survey. 
The poll, carried out by market research company Simpson Carpenter, found that 36 per cent of UK consumers know what to do with a QR code, and just 11 per cent have actually scanned one. 43 per cent of those surveyed said they had never seen a QR code, and a 21 per cent said they recognised one but didnt know what their purpose was. 
Of the 11 per cent who had used a QR code, 47 per cent said they found them useful and would like to see them more widely available, 33 per cent found them useful on certain occasions, and 20 per cent said they dont see an advantage to QR codes. 
For people who had heard of QR codes but never used one, the lack of a phone that can read QR codes is the main barrier, with 52 per cent citing this as the main problem. For 23 per cent, apathy was the main barrier to using QR codes. 
Kevin Connolly, director of major studies at Simpson Carpenter, says: “Having carried out this piece of research online the respondents are by default heavily engaged with the internet. They arent necessarily early adopters but they certainly arent technophobes and they are no doubt the target audience for many brands already using QR codes. Currently technology and familiarity appear to be the key reasons for non-use, but consumers need to see real benefits before theyll start using them in earnest. Marketers would do well to focus on educating and informing consumers about their purpose rather than simply adding QR codes to their products and their advertising campaigns.”