Two-thirds Have Abandoned a Mobile Purchase, says Jumio

While 68 per cent smartphone and tablet owners have attempted to make a purchase on their device, according to a Jumio study, 66 per cent have failed to complete a transaction due to obstacles encountered during the checkout process. 

Based on a survey of over 2,000 US adults, carried out by Harris Interactive, the study found that the most common reason for basket abandonment was not feeling comfortable entering their credit card information on a mobile, with 51 per cent giving this as a reason.

Unintuitive apps and sites also played a part, with 41 per cent saying they abandoned their purchase because the checkout process was too difficult, while 23 per cent found that their purchase simply wouldnt work on their device.

“Businesses invest a great deal to get consumers to the point of sale in their mobile apps, but there are a lot of obstacles keeping users from taking their purchase across the finish line,” said Daniel Mattes, founder and CEO of Jumio. “Consumers will continue to demand a simpler, more streamlined mobile payment process. Until retailers address their important concerns – from providing faster checkout options to addressing the safety of credit card and account info – they’ll continue to see a large portion of their customers abandon their shopping carts instead of clicking ‘buy’.”