Two Thirds of UKs Digital Population on Smartphones

The UKs digital population, according to comScore, currently stands at 46.2m – two-thirds of whom (30.8m) are smartphone users, while just over a quarter (12.8m) are tablet users. 

This data comes from a multichannel planning tool launched by comScore, together with UKOM, which aims to solve the problems of cookies not reflecting the overlap of users between devices. 

69 per cent of this digital population accessing the internet from more than one platform, but whats perhaps most interesting is that 1.6m of this total audience exclusively use mobile devices.

90 per cent of all mobile handsets in the UK are now smartphones, according to comScore, but they make up 97 per cent of all mobile page views – compared to just 54 per cent in the US.

24.5pc of impressions come from non-PC devices, up from nine per cent 18 months ago. But this isnt cannibalisation – mobile is actually increasing consumers total time spend with digital media, and multiplatform users consume 23 per cent more content than PC-only users. Two segments which have seen particular benefits are maps, which sees a 62 per cent uplift in unique visits from mobile, and weather, with a 77 per cent uplift.