Txtlocal Provides SMS for Homeless Charity

SMS services company Txtlocal has created a text-based solution for UK charity SAFE@LAST. The charity provides services for young people who are at risk because they have run away from home. 

The charity, which is based in South Yorkshire, has deployed an online SMS service to allow young people to contact them safely and cheaply. Users can text a short code (SAFE) to 60777, to which the charity can reply and converse, and offer the user guidance. 

Clare Sherratt, of SAFE@LAST says: “Text messages are a familiar and regular form of communication for young people to feel comfortable with. As such we have seen a huge amount of success with young people contacting us in this way. For some it has helped to reduce the risks of running away and had a long lasting positive impact on their lives.

“Having a facility where young people can communicate with us via text message has increased the number of contacts to our helpline services and so made a real difference to vulnerable children helping to keep them safe”.