Txtlocal Runs Campaign for Slimming World

Targeted text marketing compnay Txtlocal has run a bespoke SMS marketing campaign for Slimming World, with the aim of reaching out to lapsed members. The campaign also encouraged and congratulated over 300 existing members who continued to reach their health and fitness goals using SMS. 

Txtlocal says that targeted text messaging can solve and leisure and fitness companies customer retention problems.

The company says that gyms lose one in three customers within six months of their joining, and that poor customer service and feelings of lack of value added service is to blame. 

“Regular communication with customers is an easy yet often overlooked approach to improve customer service, encourage feedback and promote customer loyalty and satisfaction,” says Txtlocal in a statement. “As people become more and more dependent on mobile phones in their everyday lives, the health and fitness industry needs to be aggressively looking to mobile solutions to integrate with their overall communication strategy. Cost-effective, simple, instant and with no wastage.”