txtNation Sets Its Sights on Scandinavia

Mobile messaging firm txtNation is planning an assault on the Scandinavian region. The company is  currently working in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, and says it will follow up an SMS mobile payments strategy with WAP billing and MMS services, beginning in Demark in 2011.

“Scandinavia leads the way on innovation in mobile payments, with faster payment reconciliation times from the operators, higher and better suited price points for charging customers, and more transparent billing options to ensure customers are aware of charges associated with their transaction,” says txtNation director, Michael Whelan. “I see mobile payments not being led by the Asian markets, but by the Scandinavians. Already, ticketing for public transport is now widely available across many businesses types in the Nordics utilising mobile payment via SMS as the trigger for the billing.

“Operators are going to have to introduce higher payouts using Premium SMS for Physical Goods as time goes on and we are already starting to see that happening in the Nordics. I think SMS as a payment mechanism for the billing trigger will be used for items of lower value, up to around €20 (£17) to pay for tickets and the like. More usage of one click payments I also see becoming more prevalent. We have already seen several companies embrace this for mobile billing in the same way that Apple charges for its applications. We are seeing mobile payments using operator billing becoming more active, especially in this technology hotbed.”