TynTec Secures Red Oxygen Deal

Mobile messaging operator TynTec has announced a deal to provide message delivery for corporate SMS provider Red Oxygen. The deal ensures that Red Oxygens SMS services such as bulk SMS, email-to-SMS, and Microsoft Outlook SMS benefit from TynTecs 15-second message delivery guarantee.
Red Oxygen enables enterprises to combine the ease of use and ubiquity of email with the convenience and mobility of SMS, providing full address book and calendar integration. This facilitates mobile workforces with advanced functionality such as scheduled SMS, calendar reminders, email replies and CC-to-email. In addition, Red Oxygen also offers bulk message delivery, single number reception and premium SMS services.
TynTec says it will help Red Oxygen to provide users of these services with exceptionally high quality message delivery, guaranteeing that every message sent will arrive within 15 seconds. TynTec can work to these strict SLAs (Service Level Agreements) thanks to its range of deep-level connections (SS7) into the global mobile telecoms network, which allows full visibility of the message trail from creation to delivery.
It is vital for our users that messages are sent quickly and reliably, and TynTec allows us to deliver SMS to these very high standards, says Red Oxygen CEO, Tom Sheahan. The fact that TynTec have full visibility of each and every message and can provide a fully accountable audit trail means we can operate safe in the knowledge that we are providing the best possible service.