Uber Banned in Germany Following Court Ruling

uberlondonA court in Frankfurt, Germany has issued a temporary injunction against app-based taxi service Uber, effectively banning the service from operating in the region.

The ruling states that the company can no longer offer its phone apps to connect drivers with passengers, stating that Ubers network of drivers lacks the necessary commercial licenses needed to pick up passengers.

The company has faced legal challenges for several months throughout Germany, with cases in Berlin and Hamburg on issues such as licensing and whether or not its drivers were insured to act as hire vehicles. Although the legal ruling was made in a regional court, legal experts have said that it may apply nationwide unless Uber succeeds in overturning the injunction or limiting its scope.

Uber has responded, stating that it will continue to operate in Germany and will appeal against the ruling, saying: “We believe innovation and competition is good for everyone, riders and drivers, everyone wins. You cannot put the brakes on progress. Uber will continue its operations and will offer Uberpop ridesharing services via its app throughout Germany.”

Uber has been challenged with lawsuits in various countries, facing protests in the UK by London black cab drivers who claim the app is breaking the law. Transport for London recently ruled that Uber was lawful after taking legal advice on the matter, although the London Taxi Drivers Association still has several lawsuits against individual drivers in progress at the High Court.