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Uber fires 20 employees as it looks to sort harassment problems

Tyrone Stewart

UberUber is working hard to clean up its act and improve its image. The company has fired 20 people after a company-wide investigation into claims of discrimination, harassment, bullying, and more.

The investigation is being led by law firm Perkins Coie. The firm is reviewing 215 human resources claims. Thus far, the investigation has led to 20 terminations, while 31 employees are being retrained, seven are on final warnings, and 57 are still under review.

According to Bloomberg, citing a person familiar with the issue, some of the people fired were senior executives.

The investigation is one of many currently going on at Uber following a blog post by former engineering employee Susan Fowler. The post alleged that she encountered sexism and sexual harassment during her time with the ride-hailing company. Despite this, Uber board member Arianna Huffington denied that sexism was a systemic problem at the transportation network.

Such allegations, and a host of other controversies, haves still led to several high-profile departures from the company over the last six or so months. And it seems there may be plenty more to come.