Uber given provisional license to operate in London

UberUber, as expected, has won back its license to operate in London – though just for a probationary period of time.

Under the 15-month license, Uber will have to prove that it has truly changed and able to abide by the rules set out by Transport for London (TfL). Uber welcomed the decision, while TfL acknowledged that the court’s ruling would give it the power to take action should Uber fail to meet standards.

The new license conditions mean that Uber will have to implement a new governance structure, notify TfL of what it’s doing in certain areas, report any safety-related complaints, and have an independent assurance report every six months.

Uber lost its London license back in September when TfL deemed it was not a ‘fit and proper’ operator. Since the decision was made, Uber has been able to fully operate, due to the appeals process, and has made strides to become better in the way it operates in the UK capital – which is the main reason that judge Emma Arbuthnot deemed Uber eligible for a new license.

“I believe everyone must play by the same rules, no matter how big or powerful they are,” said Mayor of London Sadiq Khan in a statement. “After years of operating poorly in London, Uber has now accepted that TfL’s action in refusing to renew their licence was totally justified.

“As a result of us standing up for Londoners, Uber has been forced to overhaul the way it operates not just in London but across the world, including completely changing its global governance structures and implementing new systems for reporting alleged crimes.”