Uber introduces changes to improve driver choice and flexibility

UberUber has introduced its latest steps in trying to convince its drivers, and the world, that it’s not a bad place through its 180 Days of Change.

The latest raft of changes is aimed at improving choice and flexibility for drivers. Drivers can now add up to six personal destinations per day, so they can take fares on their way to places they personally need to be, and they can now set an arrival time for each of their destinations to avoid running late.

On top of those changes to destinations, drivers will now get ‘long trip notifications’ – which let them know if a trip is estimated to take 45 minutes or longer before they accept or decline the journey. In addition, when the jobs aren’t coming in as fast as a driver would like, they can switch between giving rides and delivering food on UberEats – if they update their driver app and sign up to be an UberEats delivery partner.

Finally, Uber has updated it acceptance rate policy so that declining trips doesn’t impact on driver’s Quest promotions or their account standing.

“From more Driver Destinations to innovative ‘Arrival Time’ settings that get you where you need to be when you need to be there, these features represent a big step forward for work that fits around your life,” said Uber. “We want everyone who drives with Uber to truly feel that their day belongs to them?that they can earn when and how they want, and that Uber is always there for them.”