Uber Investor Launches Ad Blocker with a Difference

Ad ReplacerEntrepreneur Jason Calacanis – founder of Weblogs, the blog network which was acquired by AOL in 2005 for a reported $25m, and an early investor in Tumblr and Uber – has launched AdReader, an ad blocker that promises to “replace spammy clickbait links with hand-curated quality news”.

AdReader is a Chrome extension – meaning its not available on mobile yet – which detects ads from content marketing platforms like Taboola and Outbrain, and replaces them with news content from the likes of BBC, CNN and Bloomberg, picked by an in-house editorial team.

AdReader plans to personalise this content in the near future, according Calacanis Twitter feed, by anonymously tracking users clicks.

According to Business Insider, there are currently no plans to monetise the extension. “This is an experiment,” Calacanis said in an interview. “If it works, we can charge for it or come up with some other model that isnt replacing ads with ads.”