Uber is using machine learning to reduce payment errors made on business trips

Uber business profile recommendationsUber is using machine learning, along with other updates, to improve its service for business users – reducing errors when switching between business and personal accounts and helping business travellers stay safe.

With profile recommendations, Uber is now able to use its wealth of data to detect patterns and trends that predict the purpose of a trip. Using this information, its machine learning technology will make a suggestion based on the profile and payment method a user should be using.

“It’s not surprising that business travellers sometimes forget to switch their payment method from personal to business when riding with Uber,” said Ronnie Gurion, GM and global head of Uber for Business, in a blog post. “These innocent mistakes are common with the rise of ‘bleisure’ trips that mix business and leisure – and they not only hinder productivity for the employee that needs to figure out how to fix the error, but also add extra steps for the travel manager or account administrator. At Uber, we set out to find a creative, technology-driven solution that would address this common pain point.”

Furthermore, business users can set ‘trip reviewers’. These people are managers or other employees who understand the Uber user’s usage patterns and are able to flag up questionable rides. Alongside this, Uber now offers in-app trip resolution for flagged trips, as opposed to the email threads of old.

Elsewhere, Uber for Business will integrate with SAP Concur Locate – which helps businesses locate and communicate with their employees when they are travelling – later this month. And will also be integrating with Expensya, Happay, Rydoo, Zeno by Serko, and Zoho Expense in early September for an ‘easier expensing experience’.