Uber revamps London app to confirm all its drivers are TfL licensed

Tyrone Stewart

UberRide hailing firm Uber has made changes to its app in the UK capital as it looks to convince Transport for London (TfL) to give back its operating license.

Under the changes, Uber is making it clearer for riders that all its drivers in London are licensed by TfL and that requests for rides are accepted before drivers are allocated.

All requests made in London and surrounding areas – such as London airports like Heathrow – will be accepted by Uber London, meaning only drivers licensed by the capital’s transport authority can carry out the trips.

Once a booking has been confirmed and a licensed driver has accepted, the passenger will be informed that their driver is licensed by TfL and be able to see the driver’s name, photo, private hire license number and car registration.

On top of this update, Uber will now automatically cancel a journey if the rider doesn’t show up within eight minutes of the driver arriving. Once the app has cancelled a trip, a cancellation fee of £6 will be charged. If they still want to need a lift, the rider can start a fresh request through the app.