Uber now lets you rate your driver mid-ride

Tyrone Stewart

Uber mid-trip ratingsUber has begun enabling passengers to rate their trips mid-journey because people are busy and may forget to provide feedback once their journey is over.

The new feature works the same as post-trip reviewing, giving riders the chance to rate, compliment, tip, and share feedback while sat awkwardly next to the person they’re judging in a confined space.

On top of enabling users to review their trips earlier, Uber will use positive feedback to “recognise top quality drivers and encourage continued outstanding service through a new program launching in June,” according to a blog post from Logan Lindsell, senior product manager for driver growth and engagement at Uber.

Furthermore, Ubers says it will go beyond sharing what needs to be improved with drivers, and start using the feedback to improve its technology by analysing rides where issues have been reported to identify “unsolved technical problems”.

Uber promises this minor change is just the beginning of new investment in products and polices to improve the experience for riders, with more announcements due in the next few weeks.