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Uber Now Lets Passengers Keep the Same Driver

Tyrone Stewart

india-uber-driver-and-passenger.jpgUber will now let passengers hold on to the same car and driver for the day through a new hire car program launched in India.

UberHire will enable people travelling around New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Kochi, Ahmedabad, Vizag, and Nagpur to have drivers wait for them and take them from location to location.

Uber India Team said, in a post: “It’s perfect for travellers exploring a new city, senior citizens who need to make trips punctuated with multiple stop overs, or for business travellers who have multiple meetings – while ensuring it is an economical option for everyone.”

To access the service, customers have to slide over to UberHire in the Uber app, and set pickup location and request a ride as normal. This driver will be at the customer’s service for the day. Once the trip is over, a total fare is calculated based on the distance and duration of the trip, and the customer pays via cash – the only way to pay for the service at present – and receives an e-receipt.

Uber says it plans to launch the service in more Indian cities in the coming weeks, but does not say whether the service can be expected in other countries.