Uber brings a bunch of safety features to the UK and EMEA

Tyrone Stewart

Uber Safety ToolkitUber is rolling out a host of safety features to the UK, Europe, Middle East, and Africa for both riders and drivers, providing many of the safeguards already introduced in the US.

The ride hailing app will, over the coming weeks, start introducing a ‘Safety Toolkit’ accessible via a ‘shield’ icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the app during a trip. This toolkit features a ‘Safety Centre’, which gives riders and drivers safety tips and information including 24/7 in-app support, information on the driver and the car, trip GPS-tracking, and Uber’s rating and feedback system; a ‘Trusted Contacts’ area for riders and drivers to select family and friends can share their trip details; and an emergency assistance button to connect directly to local authorities from within the app.

On top of the safety hub, in addition to real-time phone anonymisation and name anonymisation after a trip, Uber will now conceal specific pickup and drop-off addresses. This means the driver’s log after a trip will show a general area of where the trip started and ended, not the specific addresses.

Furthermore, the app is enhancing its two-step verification process, giving riders the choice to use the feature every time they login to their account and not just when a suspicious login attempt has been detected or when they use a new device. Riders can use text messages or third-party authentication apps like Google Authenticator, Authy, or Duo.

While drivers will be able to make use of the Safety Toolkit, they will also get a ‘Driver Insurance Hub’, displaying all their insurance details in one place; and speed alerts to let them know if they’re going too fast compared to the speed limit.