Uber says sorry for being a bad company to past customers

UberUber has let former users in various markets know that it is sorry for letting them down, has identified its mistakes and that it is working hard to improve – all in a bid to win them back.

In an email sent out to former riders in New York, according to Business Insider, the transportation network said it had “fallen short” of satisfying its riders, drivers, and employees.

It said: “In expanding so quickly, we failed to prioritize the people that helped get us here. Ultimately, the measure of our success is the satisfaction of our riders, drivers, and employees — and we realize that we have fallen short.”

Furthermore, Uber told its former riders that reports of workplace harassment were “inexcusable” and, as a result of 47 recommendations from form US Attorney General Eric Holder and his law firm, would commit itself to increasing accountability, changing leadership, focusing on collaboration and empathy, and empowering diverse perspectives.

The adoption of these recommendations also saw CEO Travis Kalanick take a temporary leave of absence as the rest of the company’s board and executives battle to clean up his mess.

“The past several months have compelled us to redefine who we are and who we want to be as a company. We are proud of our thousands of employees across the globe, who are committed to serving our riders and drivers,” the email continued.

“There is still more work to be done, but we are confident that we are taking the first steps to becoming the company you deserve.”