Uber Steers Clear of Proposed Restrictions in London

Black-cab-taxi.jpgTransport for London (TfL) has rejected proposals to impose restrictions on taxi-hailing apps, which would have included compulsory five-minute wait times and a ban on the Uber feature which makes it possible for users to see where cars are.

TfL launched a consultation last year on these measures, following complaints from Londons LTDA (Licensed Taxi Drivers Association) of unfair competition from Uber and other taxi app firms.

“We are pleased that TfL has listened to Londoners and ditched last year’s ill thought out policies to impose compulsory five minute wait times and a ban on cars being shown in the Uber app. That’s a victory for common sense,” wrote Jo Bertram, Ubers UK general manager, as part of an open letter to London mayor Boris Johnson regarding claims that the rise of taxi apps is contributing to an increased in congestion in the city.

This could be the next battleground for Uber, as possible plans include capping the number of licenses TfL gives to cab drivers or applying congestion charge to taxis.