Uber Ties Up with Yext to Take Customers from Web to Store

Uber Uber Yexthas partnered with location data management firm Yext to enable its customers to order an Uber direct from a third party company’s website or email. The service is aimed at businesses with physical retail outlets such as shops and restaurants.

Someone booking a table at a participating restaurant on their phone could click on the ‘Ride with Uber’ link to open up the Uber app on their phone. When they do so, it will be pre-populated with the restaurant’s address and can even serve up the menu so they can start planning their meal, as well as serving up other offers from the business en route to the location. What happens if you book the table via the website in terms of linking the desktop booking to the app on your phone is unclear but we are trying to find out. Update: It only works on mobile.

Guitar Center, the world’s largest retailer of guitars and related music equipment, piloted the beta version of the integration to help customers demo its products in store after researching online. Jeff Wisot, vice president of marketing & eCommerce at Guitar Center, said: “We’re very excited to be one of the first companies launching the Ride with Uber’ feature, which will make the Guitar Center shopping experience even more convenient for our customers.”

For Yext, EVP strategy and product Marc Ferrentino said: “We’re closing the loop so that businesses can provide a great experience all the way from search results to checkout – which includes actually getting to the location.”