UK App Store Prices to Increase Amid Suffering Post-Brexit Exchange Rates

Pokemon Go App Store dominanceApp Store prices in the UK will see increases of more than 25 per cent, as exchange rates continue to suffer in the wake of Brexit. India and Turkey will also be affected.

9to5Mac reports that Apple has been notifying developers with specific reference to iOS and Mac App Store but the iTunes store is likely to also suffer.

In the UK, app prices will rise as a result of the weak pound exchange rate – which further suffered amid news of Theresa May’s ambitions for a ‘hard’ Brexit. Apps that previously cost £0.79 will now cost £0.99. Similar price hikes will be seen at all pricing tiers, as the changes come into effect in the coming days. Tier two priced apps now cost £1.99, up from £1.49, and in-app purchases that previously cost £7.99 will cost £9.99.

These prices put the UK’s app store pricing on par with dollar pricing in the US. Apps that now cost £0.99 will cost $0.99, for example. This is due to a combination of the weakened pound and the UK’s 20 per cent VAT rate.

Apple says that the new prices will roll out across the App Store over the next seven days.