Leading UK charities to introduce Alexa voice donations

NSPCC, RNIB, Crisis, Macmillan Cancer Support, and Global’s Make Some Noise are all set to launch voice donations through Alexa-enabled devices through a partnership with voice technology company Say It Now and Global’s digital advertising exchange, DAX.

Each of the charities will introduce separate radio advertising campaigns that can be responded to directly via Alexa-enabled devices through voice commands. The audio ads will run specifically on devices that support a voice assistant, and people are able to find out more about the charity or donate straight away – should their voice assistant be linked directly to a payment service – using verbal instruction.

Say It Now was able to create the donation channel for the charities after it secured funding from Innovate UK, a non-departmental innovation agency that is funded by grant-in-aid from the UK government.

“The pandemic has accelerated existing trends, paving the way for voice technology which is versatile, contactless and increasingly part of daily life,” said Charlie Cadbury, CEO and Co-founder of Say It Now. “The Innovate UK funding enables us to use our voice experience and work alongside our media partner DAX to develop ‘tech for good’ as charities look for new ways to generate income in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.  The aim is to demonstrate that ‘voice giving’ is a viable donation channel both now and for the future.”