UK Consumers are Most Responsive to Mobile Ads

Research from social ad platform LoopMe Media has found that UK consumers are most likely to like and share mobile ads.

LoopMe analysed 100m ads served on its platform – where people can ‘like’, ‘dislike’ or ‘share’ ads – from June to August. 3.57m people worldwide clicked on the ads during this time, with 364,500 people saying they liked what they saw. In the UK, of the people that clicked, 10.21 per cent said they liked the ads and only 2.02 per cent disliked them. A further 1.72 per cent were also driven to share adverts, with the UK followed by the US and China in terms of ad engagement.

LoopMe, which launched in October last year, has already worked with brands like Amazon, Tesco and M&S. They serve ads across desktop, tablets and smartphones, but deliver the bulk in-app. CEO Stephen Upstone said that ads for films like the Hobbit far outperform those delivered for games like Candy Crush. Even though huge numbers of people are using the gaming app, brands like the Hobbit are more meaningful to consumers.

Upstone said that full page ads appear to be emerging as a preference on mobile platforms. “Mobile is much more like magazines, where full-pages ads have existed happily for a really long time,” he said. He explained that LoopMe is able to retarget based on the ads that consumers show like or dislike for. “This goes over and above what you would ever see in performance campaigns, which generally start advertising mortgages to you right after youve just bought one.”