UK Consumers Mad for mCommerce

Consumer engagement in mobile commerce has exploded and the UK leads the world in usage, according to data from the Global Consumer Survey from MEF.

91 per cent of UK respondents to the MEF survey said they have used their mobile device for mobile commerce, to either research or buy something. The UK also has the highest proportion of users who have purchased via mobile from within an app (44 per cent), an app store (35 per cent), a website (58 per cent) and an auction website (23 per cent).

The surveys reveals that 82 per cent of UK respondents access the mobile web on a daily basis. This high level of mobile web and commerce activity dovetails with a reduction in fixed-PC usage: more than one-third (34 per cent) of UK respondents now access the internet on their PCs less often than 18 months ago.

MEF’s Global Consumer Survey was conducted by OnDevice Research among 8,530 respondents in the UK, US, Brazil, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Qatar, Singapore and S. Africa, the UK and the US. The study was carried out on mobile using OnDevice Research’s mobile survey technology and global research panel.

Globally, 82 per cent of respondents across all markets have used a mobile device for commerce purposes. In addition, 53 per cent of all respondents have bought some form of digital product via mobile.

“This global research clearly demonstrates that UK consumers are embracing mobile as a key access point for their content and commerce needs,” says Andrew Bud, MEF’s global chairman. “It also illustrates that mobile is an essential platform for companies wishing to drive consumer engagement and monetise their goods, services and digital products.”

MEF says this change in consumer habits, and with it, the increasing focus placed on mobile by a growing number of companies, makes this the right time for MEF to expand its mission to include the entire mobile content and commerce ecosystem, noting that organisations including The Coca-Cola Company, A&N Media and Barwa Bank have recently joined the organisation as members.